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15 Shocking Benefits of Camel Milk (You Won’t Believe #7)

Camel milk is an ancient superfood that has sustained life for over 5,000 years! Learn more about the shocking benefits of camel milk -and how it is truly a miracle of nature!

The Healthy Secret Ingredient in Camel Milk

What makes camel milk so much healthier than other milks? One secret ingredient is the unique immune boosting proteins called immunoglobulins. These natural antibodies fight disease -and even viruses like COVID-19!

How Camel Milk Fights Disease and Boosts Immunity

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we know the importance of strengthening our body's immune system. Similar to human mother's milk, the rare lysozyme proteins in camel milk boost-immunity and fight disease.

Why is Camel Milk so Expensive? (And Worth Every Penny)

4 reasons why camel milk is more expensive than cow milk. According to people who drink this nutrient-dense liquid gold, camel milk is worth the price because of the amazing health benefits. It's better compared to a nutritional supplement or vitamins!

Healthy Protein: Camel Milk vs. Protein Powder

Maybe you eat enough protein, but is it healthy protein? Camel milk contains over 200+ rare proteins your body craves! No additives or preservatives like protein powders, supplements, & bars.

Can I Drink Camel Milk if I'm Lactose Intolerant?

The answer might surprise you! Camel milk is well-tolerated by people who are lactose intolerant. A full serving of camel milk contains only 11 grams of lactose, which falls far below the 18 grams of daily lactose these individuals can tolerate.

The Healthy Fat in Camel Milk

Not all fats are bad. Camel Milk is low-fat, but more importantly, it's healthy fat! Unlike cow milk, which is filled with saturated fat, camel milk is filled with the healthy unsaturated Omega-3-fatty acids your body craves. 

The Remarkable Nutrient Density of Camel Milk

There is a Somali proverb that says “A mouthful of camel’s milk keeps you going for half a day.” It's full of protective proteins that strengthen your immune system, calcium, iron, vitamin C, probiotics, and insulin just to name a few.  

Why Camel Milk is the Original Superfood

Camel Milk is a health food secret (at least in the USA). But in desert lands, it has been used as a supplement to breast milk for babies for millennia. It is the closest animal dairy to human mother's milk!

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