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camel milk frozen

Why is camel milk shipped frozen?

Store owner stocking the freezer with newly delivered camel milk.

Frozen keeps milk fresh

Our milk is frozen immediately after it’s bottled - I mean, IMMEDIATELY!

After the camels are milked, there is a direct line pumping the milk into a storage tank. It is immediately processed, bottled, and frozen!

Then the milk is shipped to you and our store partners. This process is streamlined so milk arrives FRESH! - Full of all the nutrients and delicious taste!

Frozen maintains milk quality

We have learned to expect the unexpected! These days, shipping is often unpredictable -and shipping delays happen all the time!

We take great care in packing our milk to ensure consistency of taste! Life is often full of surprises. The quality of your milk shouldn't be one of those!

Freezing our milk greatly decreases the chance of spoiling before it gets to your store or your door!


Photo of the pasteurization operation at the farm where the camel milk is processed.

Frozen maintains the health benefits

Our camel milk is not pasteurized in the same way as cow milk...

Cow milk is often ultra-pasteurized. It is heated to 280F and chilled. This increases the refrigerated shelf-life of the cow milk.

OUR camel milk is pasteurized at a much lower temperature to preserve all the natural health benefits and taste!

However, this gentle pasteurization process does NOT increase the shelf-life.

Our milk is 100% natural, so the chances of the milk spoiling are increased!

By freezing our milk, it helps preserve all the great vitamins and nutrients while maintaining a longer shelf-life.

You get to decide when you and your family are ready to drink it!


Every decision is made with you in mind!

Enjoy the fresh taste of our Camel Milk today!!

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  • Thanks for this chilling info!

    Joseph Graham Williams

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