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camels that are loaded and ready to help people through the desert.

4 Reasons to Celebrate Camels: World Camel Day!

Have you ever seen a “ship of the desert” or a “walking medicine cabinet”...? 

Hint: maybe you have seen these at the zoo! 

These are both nicknames for camels… and today is World Camel Day!

Every year on June 22nd, we get to celebrate the camel! It is a day the world pays tribute to these remarkable animals and acknowledges their significant role throughout the history! 

4 reasons camels deserve their own day!

(#4 surprised us the most!) 

close up of a camels eye and double eye lashes next to another picture of a man next to a sitting camel on the beach with a city in the background

#1 Camels are built different! 

Camels possess a bunch of crazy unique adaptations.

Here are just a few: 

    • Three eyelids and two rows of eyelashes to keep sand out of their eyes.
    • Wide shoe-like feet with two toes to keep them from sinking in the sand! 
    • Their humpfat allows them to regulate their body temperature better than most mammals! This helps them survive in extreme heat AND extreme cold! 

    #2 Camels shape cultures

    Camels hold cultural importance worldwide, symbolizing resilience, endurance, and serving as helpers throughout history.

    Here are a few proverbs from all over the world: 

      • “Trust in God, but tie up your camel.”  
      • “A camel can tolerate a heavy load, but not a crooked rope.”
      • “If the camel gets its nose in the tent, the body will soon follow.” 
      • “It is the last straw that breaks the camel’s back.”
      • “Death rides a fast camel.” 

      #3 Camels play a crucial role in the desert

        • They are able to help control vegetation growth. They can consume plants that other animals cannot!
        • They spread life around as they travel to new places, displacing seeds they have eaten as they go 💩
        • They efficiently retain water in their bodies and can reabsorb moisture from their urine! 

      #4 Camels are essential for human survival 

        • In regions with limited resources, camels provide transportation, milk 🙂, meat, and contribute to local economies by supporting the livelihoods of communities.
        • The US Army took notice of camels in the 1850s for this very reason. Seeing how camels helped others thrive in dry-desert environments, they purchased camels for expeditions and projects out West! (More info here) 
      camel culture camel eating grass on our farm in Missouri

      World Camel Day celebrates the extraordinary camel!

      They are awesome and have a variety of amazing adaptations. These adaptations have allowed them to serve and influence cultures around the world.

      It’s incredible to see how camels are used and valued.

      Let's help share that culture with others! 

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      • I love camel day


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