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Camel Facts

A grass fed camel on our camel dairy farm.

Dromedary is the Best Dairy!

There are two types of camels: Dromedary (1 hump) and Bactrian (2 humps).

Dromedary camels originate from the Middle East, while bactrian camels originate from parts of Mongolia and China.

Our milk comes from dromedary camels!

Fun Facts:

  • Camels have a lower environmental impact because they can survive with relatively little water and plant life for long periods of time, therefore needing less grazing area.
  • Camels have sustained nomads and bedouins for over a millennia during month long desert journeys.
  • Camels are some of the most adaptable creatures on the planet as they can handle freezing temperatures as well as over 100 F!
  • In many cultures around the world, camels are livelihood as they provide sustainability through their milk, transportation, and a close bond.
  • People living in the Middle East and North Africa have been living on camel milk for centuries.
  • Camel milk has been used as a supplement to breast milk for babies.


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