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The Super-Powdered Biology of Camels

The camel is NOT just a:Ā 

Hump-day icon.

Nativity scene statue.

Carnival ride animal.

The camel IS a:

Miracle of mother nature!

Camels are biologically engineered to sustain life in the harshest environments on earth.Ā 

They have the ability to retain and store nutrients for long periods of time -and they pass those nutrients onto us through their milk!

Camels are the ā€œships of the desertā€, because without them, weā€™re sunk! Desert peoples could not survive without them.Ā 

Have you noticed... Not many large mammals thrive in the desert? So how can the camel?

The Camelā€™s Amazing Bio-EngineeringĀ 

A camelā€™s body is masterly engineered. Their biology is a wonder!Ā 

Here are 10 highlights of the camelā€™s super-powdered biology:

  1. Camels can go up to 7 months without water. You read that right, months!Ā 
  2. Camels' digestive tracts, urinary tracts, and kidneys are designed to conserve and reabsorb water. Camelsā€™ red blood cells can increase by 240% in size during times of rehydration, and then not die when they are later dehydrated. This allows them to efficiently store water in their bodies. Also to conserve water, camels sweat very little.Ā 
  3. A camelā€™s hump contains fat (not water), and acts as a nutrient-dense food reserve for the camel. Their hump contains about 80 lbs. of fat! Because they store all their fat in their hump, heat escapes quickly from the rest of their bodyā€¦ keeping them cool in the desert!Ā 
  4. Camel hump fat contains 3x more Omega 9 than coconut oil and 40% of your daily Vitamin B12 in 1 tablespoon!Ā 
  5. Camels in China have even been known to survive on salt water.
  6. Camels survived living in a nuclear test site for 25 years, in an area of the Gobi Desert known as Gashun Gobi (Lop Nur). These camels have survived 43 nuclear tests and are still breeding naturally. Now thatā€™s resilience!Ā 
  7. Camels can run at up to 40 miles per hour ā€“ the same as a racehorse!
  8. Camels have wide feet (not hooves) allowing them to walk on deep sand.
  9. Camels once lived in the arctic tundra. Scientists found the fossils of ancient camels in northern Canada! Camels are resilient animals that thrive in freezing temperatures, not just extreme heat.Ā Ā 
  10. Camels have 3 sets of eyelids & 2 rows of eyelashes. This helps keep dirt out of their eyes during sand storms.Ā 

Camels Transfer Nutrients Through Their Milk

camel dairy farm

So what does this mean for you and I? (Aside from thinking that camels are wicked cool animals).Ā 

Camels concentrate all their life-giving properties in their fluids -especially their milk!

Letā€™s think about a camelā€™s fluids. I wouldnā€™t recommend drinking their blood, thatā€™s gross.Ā 

You could drink their urine (many cultures believe camel urine has medicinal benefitsā€¦but thatā€™s a conversation for another day).

But you get the most nutrient-rich properties from a camelā€™s milk.Ā 

Here are just a few benefits of camel milk:

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Promote good gut health
  • Low in fat and easy to digestĀ 
  • Low in lactose and casein
  • High mineral and immunoglobulin content
    • Immunoglobulin is an antibody used by the immune system to identify and neutralize bacteria and viruses.
  • High in Antioxidant C and E
  • Great source of an insulin-like protein
  • Rich in protective proteins, mainly enzymes, which are:
    • Anti-viral
    • Anti-fungal
    • Anti-bacterialĀ 
  • Rich in immunological properties, which prevent food allergies and rehabilitate the immune system; these include:Ā 
    • Immunoglobulins
    • Lysozyme
    • Lactoferrin
    • Lactoperoxidase
    • N-acetyl-glucosaminidase (NAGase)
    • Peptidoglycan recognition protein (PGRP)
  • Used around the world as a supplement to breast milk for babies.


camel dairy farm

Having learned about the camelā€™s super-powered biology, itā€™s no wonder camel milk is more beneficial for your health than cow or almond milk!

Cows are coolā€¦ But they can'tĀ live 7 months without food and water, run as fast as a racehorse, and survive the radiation of 43 nuclear tests.Ā 

The camel's superpower is their ability toĀ efficiently store nutrients in their fluids in order to survive. And their most nutrient-dense fluid is their milk!

These health benefits are passed onto us when we drink camel milk.Ā 

Donā€™t forgetā€¦ YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!

And nobody wants to be an almond! šŸ˜‚

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