The Remarkable Nutrient Density of Camel Milk

What’s the big deal? It’s just milk. 

Just do it!” 

“I was just wondering.”

“We are just good friends.”

“Girls just want to have fun!”

“It was just one of those days.”

We use the adverb “just” a lot in English. We use it to mean different things, but in all of the instances I listed above, we use “just” to mean “simply”, “only”, and “no more than”. Chances are that you have found yourself “just” this week sprinkling the word into your conversations. 

We use that word a lot here at Camel Culture too, but never to describe our milk

Camel milk pint (16 oz) from camel culture

I can think of one camel milk conversation in particular which led me to want to pull my proverbial hair out and scream “No!”

Maybe you know what I am referring to or maybe you too (gasp) have thought the same.  

What’s the big deal? It’s just milk. 

Insert the uncomfortable clearing of my throat. Don’t worry. We can still be friends. But, we must clear this up first. Talk it out, ya know. 

Wonderful Camel Biology & Their Life-Sustaining Milk

In my introductory camel milk blog post last week, I shared that not all milks were created equal. That camel milk, in particular, comes from a resilient animal and produces one of the most resilient milks with strengthening properties that helps them (and us) survive and thrive. 

So, let’s wade into those waters together, shall we?  I bet you will conclude that camel milk is anything but “just.”

I said “let’s wade into the waters”, but I should have more appropriately said “let’s sink our feet into the sand” because camels thrive in the desert. 

funny picture of a camel in the desert

Their biology is a wonder! Their bodies are masterly designed from their hump to their feet (not hooves). 

So what does this mean for you and I? (Aside from thinking that they are wicked cool animals). 

To summarize all that scientific jargon -it means that they concentrate all their life-giving and sustaining properties in their fluids. 

Let’s think about the camel’s fluids.

I wouldn’t recommend drinking their blood, that’s gross. You could drink their urine if you wanted to (many cultures do…a conversation for another day), but you get the most concentrated, nutrient-rich properties from their milk. (2)

The properties that strengthen their (and our) immune system, the properties that help promote good gut health, the vitamin and minerals, etc. are all concentrated in their milk. 

Camel Milk Price: A Little Bit of Camel Milk Goes a Long Way!

Let me share with you an example from my own life of why these concentrated, dense health properties in camel milk are such a big deal.

camel milk sold at an affordable price

I started being more intentional with my household cleaners a few years ago. I found one non-toxic enough to meet my expectations and was shocked when it arrived in the mail in a tiny bottle the size of a condiment. 

I knew I dished out more money for this healthier product and immediately thought, “Great, this will last long enough for me to clean my baby’s high-chair after breakfast, lunch, and maybe snack time, but definitely not dinner.” 

My sleep deprived mom brain thankfully realized that this was a concentrated formulation. What I thought was useless to me was actually the opposite. 

I grabbed a normal sized cleaning spray bottle, poured in two tablespoons of my concentrated cleaning solution, filled the rest with water and voila—cleaning supplies for the month, and the month after that, and the month after that. 

Think of my cleaning supply faux paux the next time you are at the grocery store, and a large gallon of cow’s milk is staring you down for a place in your cart for a fraction of the cost and quadrupling the size of the bottle of camel milk we would love to send to you. 

There is more here than initially meets the eye. Our camel milk may come in “just” a small package, but it is most certainly not “just” milk. It is the concentrated healthier version! 

It is brimming with protective proteins that strengthen your immune system, calcium, iron, vitamin C, probiotics, insulin just to name a few, but without all the lactose or that awful casein protein that gives our bodies so much trouble!

How Much Camel Milk Should You Drink Daily?

There is a Somali proverb that says “A mouthful of camel’s milk keeps you going for half a day.” 

This is why, my friends! 

Two tablespoons of camel milk is not “just” two tablespoons of any other kind of milk. 

To get all the health benefits of camel milk, we recommend that adults only need to consume about 6-8 ounces per day, and children only need 3-4 ounces per day. But of course you can drink more! 

how much camel milk should you drink?

The concentrated nature of the resilient camel’s health properties are being passed to you when you drink their milk. And no diluting is needed. Your body is the spray bottle filled with more than enough water to allow you to take a sip of our concentrated milk and start enjoying the camel milk benefits right away. 

Our camel milk may come in “just” a small package, but it is most certainly not “just” milk. 

So the next time you think to yourself “What’s the big deal? It’s just milk” .....”just don’t.”


  2. Podcast: The benefits of camel milk with Dr. Jodie Dashore (Part 1) - Episode 58
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  • Love this! Thanks for all the info. Our fam loves Camel milk!

    Joseph Williams
  • This was very informative. Great article!

    Zack Szyman

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