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Camel Crazy Book Club (Chapters 10-12)

Christina Adams was an early adopter of camel milk in the USA, and today, she is an expert on the health benefits of camel milk. Read this mother's incredible story of healing with camel milk for her autistic son.

Does Camel Milk Reduce Symptoms of Autism?

Can 1 glass of camel milk change a person’s life? It did for Jonah! Just 4 ounces of camel milk a day drastically reduced Jonah's symptoms of Autism. Read this miraculous story about the benefits of camel milk for your health.

Camel Crazy Book Club (Chapters 4-6)

Discover chapters 4-6 of Camel Crazy by Christina Adams! In these chapters, Christina receives the first ever package of camel milk in the USA, and soon discovers what makes this milk truly miraculous.

Camel Crazy Book Club (Chapters 1-3)

Join us as we dive into chapters 1-3 of Camel Crazy by Christina Adams. In these chapters we gain a greater understanding of Christina's family life, her autistic son, and how she discovers camel milk.

Join our Book Club: "Camel Crazy" by Christina Adams

Join us as we read this loving mom's journey to find a naturally healing solution to help treat her son's autism. After witnessing the results camel milk had on her son, she traveled the globe discovering the benefits of this "precious milk".

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