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Natural Antioxidants in Camel Milk

How did ancient peoples know camel milk had such a vital role in nutrition and human health?

I have often pondered this question. 

They didn’t understand the science behind camel milk. And they would have given you a funny look if you referenced the lactoperoxidase in camel milk.

Yet, they knew a simple truth we moderns seem to have forgotten...

That milk is designed to give life! 

It is humanity's first food.

Unlike imposters like almond milk or oat milk. Mother Nature created real milk for our benefit. It’s arrogant to think that we can crush some nuts, add water, and call it “milk”. 

Mammalian milks produce nutrients that cannot be replicated by plant-based “milk”. 

And the king of all animal milks is camel milk!  We know it's good because it was created by nature, and it has stood the test of time.

So let’s look into one protective protein in camel milk (not plant-based milk) that naturally boosts our health…

Hold on, it’s a big word -Lactoperoxidase!

Lactoperoxidase: Powerful Antioxidants in Camel Milk

Lactoperoxidase is an antioxidant enzyme that fights free radicals in our body. And camel milk is full of them! (1)

Free radicals are harmful, unstable molecules that cause illness and disease in our bodies. They are molecules with an unpaired electron in their atomic orbit. 

But lactoperoxidase are antioxidants that fight these free radicals. 

They are like the Wild West cowboys who lasso reactive free radicals in our body and convert them into harmless molecules. 

Everybody knows antioxidants are good for you, but most people don’t know why...

Well, now you know what an antioxidant does! It’s like a Wild West free radical lassoing cowboy! Yee-haw!

One article states: “The balance between free radicals and antioxidants is an important factor for maintaining health and slowing disease progression. The use of antioxidants, particularly natural antioxidants, has become an important strategy for dealing with widespread diseases. Natural antioxidants have been used as therapeutic tools against many diseases because they are safe, effective, inexpensive, and are among the most commonly used adjuvants in the treatment of several diseases.” (2) 

Lactoperoxidase is found on lactating mammary glands, the intestinal tract of newborns, and in our tears and saliva. It serves as a natural defense system against invading disease. 

They’re also well known to give immunity to infants against a wide range of pathogenic infections. (3)

Like other protective proteins we’ve discussed in previous articles (lysozymes, lactoferrin, immunoglobulins, and now lactoperoxidase)...

They are why camel milk is considered to be a natural antioxidant.  

In summary, lactoperoxidase works to lasso harmful free radical molecules which makes camel milk an anti-microbial, anti-viral, and an anti-fungal!

For those curious how this lactoperoxidase system creates an antibacterial effect, here goes...

The lactoperoxidase enzyme changes thiocyanate into hypothiocyanite which then has an antibacterial effect in our body. We are pretty hyped about hypothiocyanite!

PLOS ONE: Susceptibility of influenza viruses to hypothiocyanite and  hypoiodite produced by lactoperoxidase in a cell-free system

Create Shelf-Stable Milk:

Lactoperoxidase has been researched among camel herders in the Horn of Africa who do not have the ability to refrigerate or pasteurize their milk. 

It could be used as a method to increase the shelf-life of raw milk in places where refrigerators or pasteurization are not an option. 

It does this by stopping the growth of bad microorganisms with known pathogenic potential. (4)

The lactoperoxidase system can help keep camel milk safe and shelf stable for consumers to enjoy!

Treatment for Pneumonia:

Researchers are also using lactoperoxidase and lactoferrin that were isolated from camel milk colostrum to fight pneumonia. 

They tested these proteins against a strand of pneumonia that is resistant to multiple drugs.

It performed so well they concluded these proteins could be a practical treatment of pneumonia in the future. (5) 

That is some powerful stuff!


Camel milk is a natural antioxidant fighting harmful free radicals in your body because it contains protective proteins like Lactoperoxidase.

It does this by chemically changing thiocyanate into hypothiocyanite which then has antibacterial effects in our body. This antimicrobial effect is very trong! 

Lactoperoxidase is found naturally in our own bodies’ milk, tears, and saliva. 

It could potentially help milk become more shelf-stable in countries without refrigeration, and it’s being researched as a potential treatment for pneumonia. 

Do you want to fortify your body’s immune system with lactoperoxidase? 

Try camel milk today!


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