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Does Camel Milk Reduce Symptoms of Autism?

Camel Crazy Book Club (Chapters 7-9)

It’s time for our monthly “Camel Crazy Book Club” discussion where we discuss Camel Crazy, by author and mother, Christina Adams. 

The chapters are short, but the content is fantastic! We hope you dive in with us. 

Pick up your copy of Camel Crazy today, and if you want to skim through what we have chatted about in past months, check out our posts for chapters 1-3 and chapters 4-6.

Camel Milk’s Effect on Autism 

Can 1 glass of camel milk change a person’s life?

It did for Jonah.

Christina starts Chapter 7 by giving her autistic son Jonah just 4 ounces of camel milk before bed time. Jonah’s symptoms before and after his first cup of camel milk are amazing! 

It’s fun to read firsthand what was going through Christina's mind as she interacts with Jonah post-milk. 

My favorite quote summarizes the effects of Jonah drinking just 1 glass of camel milk (page 34). 

“There are technical terms to sum up the first days of Jonah’s drinking camel milk: 

Fine-motor improvements (cutting, eating, tying shoes); better executive functioning (remembering to get his backpack, asking about the school and pick up schedule); enhanced motor planning (better walking and climbing, awareness of streets, staying with the group, watching for cars); increased attention (focus on people and environment); greater empathy (“You do so much for me, you’re really great”); a slight increase in eye contact; an increase in emotional speech (“I really love you guys, you’re awesome”); improved theory of mind (thinking about other people’s thoughts and how they view things differently than he does). 

But overall the effect is more than that. He’s more fluid, social, and attuned.”

It sounds too good to be true. And we understand your skepticism!

But like Christina, we have heard similar stories over and over again from our customers...

“This is the best milk that I ever bought for my Autistic son and the shipping is really amazing they always ship the milk in time and above all this the milk taste amazing” -Hajer N.

“My son has horrible gut issues, and thanks to camel milk, his gut is being restored!" -Amber A. 

“It's helped my autistic son with his behavior and digestion!” -Kelsey S.

Bringing Camel Milk to the USA 

In chapter 8, Christina increases the amount of camel milk she gave her son from 4 ounces to 8 ounces (which is the amount Crohn’s patients were being given in Israel). 

But it was way too much, so she went back to 4 ounces for him. 

She then faces some seemingly insurmountable battles to get camel milk to the USA…

  • Appeasing the vet at the Los Angeles airport 
  • Gaining USDA approval
  • Ridicule from her son’s autism doctor who at first thought she was attributing her son’s success to “chamomile” tea (nope, camel milk not chamomile haha)
  • Paying an arm and a leg not only for the milk itself, but also for the plane ticket of the person who delivered the milk. 

Whew! These are barriers that would have barred most of us, but not Christina Adams! 

She plods onward and her reward is that 48 frozen bottles of camel milk are en route by the end of the chapter. 

10 Crazy Camel Facts!

Finally, in chapter 9, Christina teaches you some interesting facts that she has learned about the camel. 

We will pick our top 10 favorites camel facts from Christina:

  1. Behind the funny looking image of a camel is an animal perfect for its harsh environment. 
  2. The camel hump is NOT a water tank, rather it contains up to 80 pounds of fat. 
  3. Camels do not sweat like other animals, because their sweat glands are deeper and more scattered. 
  4. Camels safely dehydrate in challenging conditions, and they can lose up to 40 percent of their body weight in water. 
  5. When rehydrating, their unique blood cells can rehydrate up to 240%, whereas other animals can only rehydrate up to 150% before the blood cell would burst. 
  6. Female camels can let down and deliver their milk in only 90 seconds, for efficient nursing in bad conditions!
  7. Unlike other ruminants, such as cattle and sheep, camels have 3 distinct stomach compartments instead of 4.
  8. Camels have served as trucks, companions, pharmacies, and portable pantries for ages, especially for nomadic peoples or pastoralists. 
  9. Camel urine has been used as medicine for centuries. (This may offend our modern ears, but even the well known hormone supplement, Premarin, is derived from horse urine!) 
  10. Quranic legends say that camels smile because they know the 99 names of Allah, while others say, because camels know the 1 secret name. 

I will end with Christina’s quote at the end of chapter 9 (page 44): 

“What I know is this: while camels seem funny, elegant, and intimidating, I feel deep reverence when their milk is in my hands.”

We feel that reverence... and would love for you to experience camel milk too! 

Order your first shipment of camel milk today! 


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