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Camel Crazy Book Club (Chapters 4-6)

Thanks for joining us back here again for our “Camel Crazy Book Club” with author and mother extraordinaire, Christina Adams. 

If you would still like to join the fun, it’s not too late! 

Just pick up a copy of the book Camel Crazy, catch up on these posts, and you will officially be a part of the herd! 

Walk alongside Christina on her camel milk adventure as this loving mother goes to the ends of the earth seeking a camel milk solution for her autistic son. 

Travel with Christina in chapter 4 as she waits in the airport for a package of Israeli camel milk clearing customs for the first time in the USA. Brainstorm with college students in chapter 5 on a camel milk dairy business plan. And finally, Don your mud boots and check out Gil and Nancy’s California camel farm in chapter 6. 

An Ancient Health Food Secret

At Camel Culture, we have shared similar experiences to Christina in our own quest to create a camel milk business in the USA. 

We’re all in this together -discovering this miraculous milk!

Like Christina, Camel Culture has endlessly researched how to source camel milk globally and have it imported into the United States. 

We have hopped on planes to discover this ancient wisdom from camel herders and nomads for ourselves. 

We have learned from others who have shared their deep love, appreciation, and passion for camels and camel milk.

We know the countries where the camels run wild, and we have brainstormed how to get our hands on just a few of them. 

And finally, we too have donned our mud boots and tramped out to the farm to experience the awesomeness, playful camels in real life. 

Now, we don’t expect everyone to relate quite in the same way as us here at Camel Culture, but if you are reading this blog post and this book, then you too have your own journey that has caused you to look outside your local supermarket for an alternative milk option. 

So in that, we are camel milk sojourners and fellow adventurers together. 

How far would you go to help your child?

My favorite quotes from these chapters came from Amnon in chapter 4, Christina’s contact from Israel, who first sent Christina milk via an inconspicuous mother with children in tow. 

She hops on the phone with Amnon to confirm that she has received the milk and that she is sharing it with others in need, and Amnon says to her…

“Many people say they would go all over the world to help their child….But to see a mother who did it? Nobody really does it, but you did.”  

And we want to pass that compliment from Amnon on to you, dear reader!

Choose the Healthier Dairy!

Many people say they want to pursue good health, but you are actually doing it! 

You are educating yourself on the benefits of camel milk, you are swimming upstream from the “cow milk culture” around you, and you have discovered this healthy camel milk treasure. 

We applaud you! 

In the words of Amnon, “Nobody really does it, but you did.” 

Join us here next month where we will continue our “quest for miracles in the mysterious world of camels” by reading chapters 7-9 together. 

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How did you first discover camel milk?

What are the details of your own unique camel milk journey? 

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