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Camel Crazy Book Club (Chapters 10-12)

We are sliding out of summer and that means it’s time for our monthly “Camel Crazy Book Club” discussion where we discuss Camel Crazy, by author and mother, Christina Adams. 

This time we are discussing chapters 10-12. 

You won’t regret picking up a copy of Camel Crazy

It’s a quick read and you can catch up fast!  Make sure you check out these past posts to hear our thoughts on what we have read so far. 

Let’s dive in...

Chapter 10

A true tragedy strikes Christinas’ household in chapter 10

After a lovely vacation, she returns home to a garage power outage which single handedly ruined 48 bottles and over $2,000 worth of camels milk, in addition to the freezer itself. 

”I saw things no camel milk lover should ever see”, said Christina. :)

But the chapter ends on a high note thanks to Gil, Eyal, the Tarabin Bedouins, and of course the camels who replenished Christina’s supply!

We wholeheartedly agreed with her conclusion that ”There’s goodness flowing through this milk.”

Chapter 11

In chapter 11, you follow Christina back to the Oasis Camel Dairy in California where she learns a little bit about the social structure of camels and the animal mystic man, Gil, who owns them.

Apparently, camels can teach us about parenting. 

The bottle fed calves taken away from the herd are the ones you have to worry about later. They often act out like a rebellious teen. But if kept within the herd, the herd helps the young calf maintain good behavior. 

Like camels, we’re not meant to be alone… We need a herd!

Gil says, “It always changes who decides to be bossy that day. But camels know who to listen to.”  Apparently, dominance is fluid within a herd. Young bulls have their place, older bulls theirs, and there is even a strong matriarchy in camel social dynamics. 

Basically, they are good at ensuring that camels within the herd don’t act like idiots. Are there any parents out there who agree?!

Gil is a super intriguing character. His love for camels came while working for the Israeli army where he was assigned to catch smugglers coming through the Sinai peninsula. One night he found himself with the responsibility of getting 7 camels back to base without a rope, and he was hooked on camels after that. 

After he demonstrated his skill set in being able to accomplish that great feat, he began leading groups of 20 to 30 camels for hours across the desert. He continued sojourning until he found himself living his best life at the Oasis Camel Dairy. 

A little voice came into Christina’s head as she was visiting with Gil, “As long as you have camels in your life, it will be a good one.” 

We here at Camel Culture have found that to be true! Life is just better with camel milk! Try some of our delicious camel milk today and get some camels in your life too!

Chapter 12

Finally in chapter 12, Christina conducts a series of experiments testing the health benefits of camel milk. 

All of her doubts melted away… and she became a camel milk convert!

Christina’s autistic son, Jonah, would experience belligerent and upsetting behavior after mistakenly eating crackers and soda, but a half glass of camel milk and about 15 minutes did the trick time and time again! 

The results of camel milk on Jonah’s behavior were remarkable! 

Christina serendipitously says in the chapter, “I need more camel people” and than stumbles across a facebook group called “Healing with Camel Milk”.

The group was started by Jessica and her friend Nichole who experienced life-changing results in the lives of their children who were diagnosed with “autism” and “failure to thrive”.  

Jessica was searching for raw camel milk and stumbled across a local Amish farmer who had just started milking camels and also wanted other people to use camel milk. 

How to Buy Camel Milk in the USA

A tension that marked Christina’s journey shows up in chapter 12. 

She desperately wants to answer the cry of every sick child’s mom with camel milk. It’s fast, effective, and leads to life-changing results (unlike other therapies that can be far more invasive and take months). 

BUT, she walked a fine line because of the lack of supply

If too many people heard about it and bought it, they might become reckless in trying to import the milk and get the milk banned for everyone in the USA. 

Through the “Healing with Camel Milk” facebook page, Christina gained access to an Amish farmer with a reliable supply right here in the USA! This was a huge step, but a lingering question remained, “Would it work the same?” 

After proper experimentation, Christina could unequivocally say “Yes!” 

“Because this milk from a different continent also helps my son, we know the effect isn’t dependent on the geographic source. It demonstrates that camel milk itself, not some magic Bedouin herb or a special camel breed, is what helps Jonah”. 

Now that Christina found a reliable supply, she can spread the news of camel milk's benefits far and wide! And we here at Camel Culture want to do the same thing! 

We are proud to be the #1 camel milk company in the USA! 

It’s our company’s goal to share the camel milk miracle with the world!

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