Join our Book Club: "Camel Crazy" by Christina Adams

Join Camel Culture’s first official book club! 

There are a handful of camel related books that we are eager to dive into, and we would love for you to read along with us. 

Read from the comfort of your home at your own pace on your own time, and then check out our website for the blog post that corresponds to the chapters you have read. 

Our pace will be about 3 chapters per month which is approximately 15 pages.

Keep this baby on your nightstand, and you will not have a problem staying caught up with us. Easy peasy! 

Camel Crazy by Christina Adams

Camel Crazy, written by author Christian Adams, is about the connections between camel milk and autism.

We are going to kick off reading Camel Crazy by Christina Adams

Find your own personal copy here! 

This book is full of blessedly short chapters you can plow through in no time, but more importantly, you will learn all about the miraculous camel and her life-giving milk.

And you may just find yourself a little camel crazy like the rest of us!

Camel Milk & Autism

Christina’s story is inspiring. 

She is a determined mom who was motivated by love to find a naturally healing solution to help treat her son’s autism. 

Journey with Christina as she travels the world searching for what she refers to as the “precious milk” which worked a miracle in her autistic son. 

You will also discover this “precious milk” is a healthy solution not only for the autistic community, but also for yourself, your family, and the world! 

Christian Adams is a author who writes about the benefits of camel milk for kids with autism.

Like Christina, many of our own customers are purchasing camel milk for their on-the-autism-spectrum family members.

Christina is now a camel milk advocate for families world-wide. She is an international speaker and expert on the topic of camel milk and autism. 

Filled with Educational Resources! 

If you’re new to the world of camel milk -This book is a great place to start! Camel Crazy is full of helpful resources about the culture, history, and health benefits of camel milk.

Christina was the first person to bring camel milk into the United States, and we are grateful for her pioneering work. We are also grateful that camel milk is no longer so difficult to acquire and that resources to educate are growing. 

Speaking of resources, this book has a host of them in the back! You will also find Camel Culture mentioned in the book (under our previous name, The Camel Milk Co). We thank Christina for this shout out back at the book’s publication in 2019. 

Let's Get Camel Crazy! 🤪

camel crazy book and a pint of camel milk

Like Christina, our company also shares a deep “love for the animal and their keepers”.

So in the words of Christina Adams, “So yes, I’m camel crazy. And I’m not alone. We are myriad. Determined, And maybe you will join the herd.” 

Consider this book club, your open gate to the camel crazy pasture! 

We hope to be grazing beside you soon!

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